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The Unforgettable Tanzania

(Versión en español: La inolvidable Tanzania)

It's been over a month since we arrived from climbing Kilimanjaro, and yet, I haven’t been able to turn the page on this vacation. I find myself looking for any excuse to relive the memories: rummaging in the pictures, checking the map of Tanzania, writing something about the trip… It may not be a fair comparison, because the memory of this vacation is so recent, and perhaps I am forgetting some special moments I have lived in others, but I cannot stop thinking -and resist the temptation to say- that this has been my best vacation ever! A combination of factors leads me to this conclusion: a good balance between personal challenge and comfort; a good dose of adventure; full contact with nature; the genuine kindness of people; too much discovery, and perhaps the most important, is that the four of us fully enjoyed each stage of the journey, with very little friction between us, and with the very gratifying satisfaction of having reached t…

Fido travel package: A major disappointment!

Fido travel package: A major disappointment!

The only big disappointment during our journey to Africa was the Fido travel package that I bought to keep family and friends up-to-date in our adventure. The intention was to send a daily email directly from the mountain to the blog, to inform our advance in the climbing. The idea was to post few lines and one or two pictures every day. I was thinking in using the mobile data from the travel package during our time in the mountain and rely on hotel’s Wi-Fi during Safari portion.

I did a research for the packages Fido and Rogers offered and were quite similar. I also checked if the local cell phone providers in Tanzania had service coverage in the Kilimanjaro Mountain. After all, the roaming would only work if there is at least one local provider with signal in the visited area. Reading the blogs of some climbers that had gone to Kilimanjaro, it was reasonably to assume that both (Rogers and Fido) travel packages would work well. There were m…

Testing the Solar Panel Nomad 7 in the Kilimanjaro // Probando el panel solar Nomad 7 en el Kilimanjaro

Starting at Shira Camp II the sun hit us hard.  We were close to the equator and high in the mountain (over 3,850m altitude). One day I had the solar panel displayed on my backpack, some hours in the afternoon, and a guy from Tennessee asked me about its performance. I had no idea at that moment, as I was just charging the charger first time in the mountain, but the next morning we crossed again, and I was happy to tell him, that I had been able to charge the iPod with the charger to 100% and still had some power left in the charger. With the remaining power, I loaded, later that day, 50% of my Samsung core, and before the power of the charger got completely off, I plugged it again to the panel, which this time was hanging on the roof of the tent, facing directly to the sun, and both the Samsung and the charger got charged completely. The solar panel worked very well up in the mountain. I fully charged my phone (always through the chargers) with 3 hours’ sun exposure of the Nomad 7. It …

Ya viene Entre nubes y sueños: Kilimanjaro // Coming soon... Between Clouds and Dreams: Kilimanjaro

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Fin de la espera, Versión en español: Entre nubes y sueños

No more waiting, English version (subtitles): Between Clouds and Dreams



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...un cortometraje de Rodrigo

La ruta final según lo registrado por mi GPS Garmin Etrex: La ruta Lemosho // Lemosho Route

Tanzania: un viaje al corazón de África, 2016 // Tanzania: a trip to Africa’s heart, 2016

Hola amigos:
Estamos finalmente en casa. Quizás lo más difícil de este viaje es tener que enfrentar la realidad de que ya se acabó. Volvimos nuevamente a casa para encontrarnos con una filtración en el baño, el teléfono dañado, el email desconfigurado, el sueño atrasado, un montón de cuentas por pagar en el buzón del correo, y una sola cerveza en la nevera. Por suerte, nadie nos puede quitar el gusto por lo bailado.
Hemos añadido algunos cuentos nuevos al blog, y acomodado su cronología. Aún nos quedan algunas reflexiones del viaje por colgar, y muchas fotos por compartir. Continuaremos actualizando esta cartelera en los próximos días, y desde ya buscaremos un reto para las próximas vacaciones.
Para el mejor disfrute de nuestros lectores hemos agregado un índice a las anécdotas al final de este escrito.

Hi Friends:
We are finally at home. Perhaps the hardest part of this trip is having to face the reality that it is over. We returned back home to meet a leak in the bathroom, the phone dama…

Algunas aves del Serengueti y Ngorongoro // Some birds of the Serengeti and Ngorogoro